Faith at Work: Do You Support World Vision’s Stand on Hiring Homosexuals?

Recently World Vision announced they would be changing their policy and would hire homosexuals in monogamous relationships. Two days later they reversed that decision based presumably on the massive number of messages they received from donors cancelling their support. Not surprisingly comments have been flying all over the internet both for and against this decision, much of it very hateful and insulting. The main thrust of the discussion has centered on whether or not homosexuality is a sin and much scripture has been flung around by amateur and distinguished theologians alike. It has all served very little purpose except to create further hate, distrust, and division.

One issue that is being largely overlooked or even questioned is the why behind World Vision, or any company’s, refusal to hire people who are openly homosexual.  They claim to stand on biblical authority which calls homosexual behavior a sin. That’s all well and proper. However, if their desire is to avoid hiring sinners so it doesn’t look like they are condoning sin, shouldn’t they refuse to hire anyone involved in:

  • Idolatry
  • Gossip
  • Adultery
  •  Hatred
  • Discord
  •  Jealousy
  • Fits of rage
  • Selfish ambition
  •  Dissensions
  •  Factions
  •  Envy
  •  Deceit
  •  Malice
  • Slander
  • Insolence
  • Arrogance
  •  Boastfulness
  •  Disobeying their parents
  •  Mercilessness

All of those sins are listed in the bible in the same verses with either homosexuality or fornication. Why do we single out homosexuals as somehow committing a worse sin? Hiring a sinner is not condoning the sin. If it were, then no Christian company could hire anyone, for who among us is without sin?

How can you minister the love of Christ to people if you create division and dissension which only succeeds in separating people?  How can you hope to have an open dialog about God’s truth on any sin when you work for an organization which refuses that sinner the dignity of a job?

One of the primary messages of Jesus was “come to me.” He came to call all sinners to Himself, for His Holy Spirit is the only One who can convict people of their sin, bring them to repentance, and transform their hearts. Our job is to come to Him in unity and humility. All our words of hate, judgment, and condemnation serve no purpose other than to destroy the very unity God calls us to.

What do you think? Are companies right to single out homosexuals for committing an unforgivable sin and use that as the reason to not hire them?

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  1. The Bible tells Judge not .It is not our place to judge others it is God’s. We will all be judged by God. And we all have sinned people should keep this in mind when they judge others.

  2. I don’t know how to moderate the truth.

  3. Susan Scott says

    Hey there! When the bible says something is a sin, then it is a sin. However it is awfully arrogant of us to look at another human being and try to judge if they are sinners or not based on our own, very limited ability to know God’s mind on the subject. You are exactly right about being judged and the measure we use to judge others will be used against us. I think I’d like to use a very generous measure!

  4. Very well written and said, Susan!

  5. I totally agree with your argument, Susan. We are to be the salt and the light. We are to be an example of God’s love for all mankind. If we cast them (homosexuals) out, then we should cast out all sinners and who of us hasn’t sinned? I say hire the best person for the job based on skills not sinlessness, then minister to their sin, their hearts. Jesus had meals with the tax collectors and the prostitutes. Let us be more like Christ.
    On the flip side: I do not think that media blow up over this issue and being held hostage to an agenda is the right way to go about infiltrating organization. There is a difference between people and the Group’s agenda. We are to love the sinner but despise the sin. So if it is in the LGBT agenda to infiltrate on general purposes of acceptance, then there needs to be some curtail of that effect.


  6. Susan Scott says

    I think we as a culture have lost a bit of perspective. There are people who have an agenda, as you said, they have a vested interest in stirring up outrage, dissention, and offense as a means to further their particular cause. They get the media attention and the more outrageous they can be, the more attention they get (and that applies to any group, whether I agree with their politics or not) Many of the homosexual people I know are not at all willing to be associated with the militant side of the LGBT because its actions and policies do not reflect the feelings of all homosexuals. We have to step back from the rhetoric and outraged rants of any group and separate that from the individuals they purport to represent. There may be a grander scheme on the part of some radical members of the LGBT to infiltrate Christian organizations for a nefarious purpose but I’m sure they are in the minority. Just like with any group, only the fringes are really radical. The vast majority of people just want to live their lives the best they know how.

  7. Agreed! Amen

  8. Though I agree with the advice given in most of your articles I disagree with what you have shared in this particular one.

    Although we are all sinners, and it would be fool hardy for an institution to attempt to hire ‘non sinners’, it would also be absurd for them to hire individuals who openly confess to living in sin.

    Let’s put it another way, if the other applicants for the same job listed as part of thier exploits; fits of rage, murder, theft, covetness, corruption, bestiality, lying, adultery et al which you have so rightly stated; are no lesser sins. Then and only then can an employer be obliged to hire an openly homosexual individual.
    In conclusion I live in Kenya which is in Africa and although I admire some of the freedoms that are enshrined in the American values. I’am many times perturbed by the whole LBGT debate. Why is important for them to share what they do in the privacy of thier homes? Can’t you see that we wrestle not against flesh and blood? When I commit my sins (and they are many) I don’t wear them on my breast like a medal of honour, pleading with society to ‘take me as I’am’, instead I take my sin to the Lord who is able to wash my sins by the precious blood that he shed on calvary. He is able to save me to the outermost. Condoning the activities of the LBGT community is denying the power of the blood of Christ to transform the sinner to a saint.

  9. I go to church. I belong to a community. I am part of a family. I work. I volunteer. I pay taxes. I pray. I struggle with day in and day out with many character defects that cause me to fall short of God’s perfection…and yet I wake up each day only to try yet again to please HIM. Some days are better than others. In short, I am human. You may or may not like me as a co-worker or neighbor or as that person you run into at church or in the gym on a regular basis, not because I am gay, but simply because I am a fallible human being, just like every other fallible human being on the planet.

    When I am about to lose patience with another, I try to remember all this about them. Because each and every one of you are ultimately just fallible human beings too. But the most amazing thing I’ve come to know is that in my brokenness and in your brokenness, God loves us. If I will meet HIM halfway, HE will carry me the rest of the way. That’s a thing called GRACE which I thank God for each and every day.

  10. Susan Scott says

    I hope you are on the receiving end of even half of the understanding and grace you are expressing toward others!

  11. Susan Scott says

    I think you are right in that much of the problem lies in whether or not we are labeling sin as sin and giving grace to the sinner, or if we are condoning and embracing the sin. There is a huge difference. You mentioned something that has often been my same question: why must people identify themselves by their sexual orientation, or their ethnicity, for that matter? If we truly desire the same treatment and equality for everyone, why the need to highlight our differences? The only answer I can come up with is there are factions among certain groups who do not want equality, they want special recognition and acceptance specifically because they identify themselves as different.

  12. Love the person, hate the sin.
    There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you–who are you to judge your neighbor? James 4:12
    I digress to leaving the judging to the Judge.

  13. Susan Scott says

    We judge everything, don’t we? The original sin in the garden of Eden was choosing the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That was our first introduction to good vs. bad and we’ve been trying to judge every person, every situation, every event as either good or bad based on our own wisdom ever since. Only God’s word has the Truth.

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