God’s comfort

God's comfort in sorrow

The Lord is good. At all times. He cannot be anything less than good because it is not just something He does, or an attitude He has adopted. He IS good; just as you are male or female. It is something you are, not a role you play or a job you do. In the […]


Finding God

God created each one of us and He wants us to know Him. To know Him as our provider, our comforter, our solid foundation, our protector, our friend, and our Abba Father. If you do not know God, or if you aren’t sure but you long to know Him better, please click on the link […]


The Great Beauty Hoax. Popular magazines have lied to you and crushed your self-esteem

phony beauty

Recently the winner of the reality TV show The Biggest Loser was soundly criticized for losing too much weight. She lost almost 60% of her starting body weight in her drive to win. It’s ironic that she looked no thinner than many of today’s movie stars who walked the red carpet at the Oscars just […]


I’m a good Christian, Where are my Blessings?

Delight in the Lord

God promises blessings. Psalms 37 says He will give us the desires of our hearts. Heck, even many preachers tell us we should be living like royalty. If we would just claim it, all we dream of having can be ours. We’ve been led to believe a very one-sided gospel, one that essentially says once […]


The secret to Overcoming Emotional Ups and Downs


I was reading Lysa TerKeurst’s wonderful blog and came across this about her husband: “Three weeks out of the month he loves me and loves to do whatever he can to help me do ministry. One week out of the month he simply puts up with me and my bout with the Princess Must Scream […]


Exceptional Life – Simplified

I was reading Michael Hyatt’s exceptional blog recently. The post was on 10 mistakes leaders should avoid. He had great insights, based on his own years as a leader in business. He listed things like avoiding pride, always do business with integrity, choose your advisers carefully, and live according to your values. All great advice. […]


Bible Studies for Couples


Lessons for Fellowship Groups