The other day I read a blog post by a Christian lady who has decided the only way to know for sure what parts of the bible are still true and which are not for us today is to simply leave it up to whatever the church says. Her reasoning is that God divinely inspires only the “right” people with supernatural knowledge that gives them a better understanding of how to interpret scripture.
This attitude is very popular in the world today. You get to choose whomever you wish as the authority you want to believe in, be it yourself, your church, or the expert on Oprah. Whichever feels right to you is right for you. However, what do you do when the authority’s opinions conflict with what the scriptures clearly say?
You either have to twist and contort the interpretation of the Word to fit what you want to believe, or you have to completely throw out the bible and proclaim that parts of it do not apply today. Which parts? And who gets to decide? Usually the answer is “God has given us the wisdom we need, either as individuals or to the church”
It is an understandable response. How else do we resolve the apparent contradictions found in the scripture? Have the gifts of the spirit ceased, or do they still exist? Does God still heal, or did that end with the establishment of the church? Are tattoos okay? Reading Leviticus 19:28 would seem to indicate no. Very sincere, godly, intelligent, highly respected theologians would disagree on many important points. Who is right?
is the whole bible still true

The Catholic church will tell you that no single individual can accurately interpret scripture outside of divine inspiration, given by God, to the leaders of the church. I think they are still mad at Martin Luther for suggesting otherwise 🙂
The world would say that we have evolved to a high enough place (at least most of us have, the people who hold politically incorrect views apparently haven’t evolved enough yet) so we should make our own choices, free from any outside influences.
The real question is who is the ultimate authority? Are we going to trust in the God of the universe or in man? Do we really believe that when God inspired the authors of scripture to write down His Word that He didn’t know what life in the 21st century would be like? Or is He continuing to make revisions as the centuries pass and cultures change in ways He didn’t expect?
The bottom line is, for truth to be true, it cannot change. The moment it changes, it is no longer truth. God did not downgrade certain behaviors from the sin category to “it’s okay, it’s completely up to you” because He thinks we are more intelligent than our ancestors.
The whole bible is true, the problem is in our interpretation of it. To take the bible “literally” does not mean that literally every word is to be applied to us. In that case having many wives, burning children as a sacrifice, and doing whatever we want, free from any restrictions, would all be in okay.
You see, the problem comes in because we think it is all about us. It is not. The bible is a revelation of Christ and who He is. It is not, as many have said, a handbook for how to live the Christian life. Thinking of the bible as a set of instructions for how we should live our lives is what got us into this mess in the first place. The bible is our ultimate authority, because the bible is the revelation of Christ. Christ is Truth.
The bible reveals Christ for the sake of allowing us to know the Creator of the universe, know Him and you will know Truth. [Tweet “Truth is not knowing right vs. wrong. Truth is knowing the person of Christ”]
We want to interpret the bible as a rule book so we can take on the outward behaviors that are supposed to make us better Christians. We’ve got it backward. We are to look to Jesus as the ultimate authority, the One who is all Truth, the absolute unchanging truth, and seek to know Him more intimately. Intimate relationship with Christ enables Him to transform our heart into His likeness and that transformation will change our outward behaviors.
There is absolute truth and we can know it. Make the goal not to figure out right from wrong, but to know truth by knowing the One who is Truth. If that is the desire of your heart, God’s grace is sufficient to take care of everything else.