Your Life Has Meaning. Find it Now

The problem is most of us don’t even know how to define a meaningful life, so how do we find one? Other people seem to have them: famous authors and athletes, humanitarians, missionaries, philanthropists, the homeschool mom of 6 who works the family ranch, runs a business and still finds time to write novels and […]


The Great Beauty Hoax. Popular magazines have lied to you and crushed your self-esteem

Recently the winner of the reality TV show The Biggest Loser was soundly criticized for losing too much weight. She lost almost 60% of her starting body weight in her drive to win. It’s ironic that she looked no thinner than many of today’s movie stars who walked the red carpet at the Oscars just […]


Living Your Purpose

Your life is the sum of your daily choices Your life is a reflection of the choices you make each and every day. If you choose to walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator, you are making a small daily choice which, over time, can make the difference between being fit and trim or […]


Overcoming Our Weaknesses

Why? Why do we spend so much time and effort in overcoming and improving the areas where we are the most weak? For some reason, starting with elementary school, we are directed toward “areas in need of improvement”. Job reviews, school report cards, and our mother-in-law, consistently zero in what we can’t do instead of […]


Spiritual Gifts

You have been given a gift. A spiritual gift (or two) from your creator. All Christians have been given gifts from God for the purpose of fulfilling His call on their life. It is my hope that this article will help you to see the abilities that you have as true gifts, meant for carrying […]


Boston Marathon ~ Is Anywhere Safe?

Boston Marathon 2013 2 Dead, Dozens injured Is any place safe anymore?   That’s the question on everyone’s mind. Spectators at a race, children in a classroom, movie goers at a theater; events we once attended without question are now causes for concern. Is any place safe? No Virginia, there is no safety. Life is […]


The Monster Stealing Your Confidence

Does advertising undermine our confidence and keep us from pursuing our life purpose? This is an idea I’m toying with. Ads are targeted at our weaknesses. The advertisers know if they can push our emotional buttons and connect with where we feel insecure or lacking we will buy their product to solve that problem. But […]


Is it God’s Will, or MIne?

I’m going to wade into a thorny issue here and spout my own opinion. However, wiser minds than mine have grappled with this and they would disagree with me. So, for what it is worth, here is a non-theologian, practical, version for us common folks. How do we know if God’s will is being done […]


Does Living in God’s will Guarantee Success?

This is part 2 of a series on setting godly goals and living God’s will. See part 1 here Just the other day I came across someone’s comment to a blog post –the writer wanted to live out God’s will for her life and she felt strongly that she was being called to work from […]


Is Goal Setting Godly?

This is one I struggle with. Typical goal setting advice encourages us to discover what we want for our lives, make a plan, and go for it. I’ve tried that route and when what I want doesn’t line up with what God has for me, even if I achieve the goal, it ends up being […]