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Balancing a Career with Home Educating?

Understanding your child’s personality is the key to creating a home education that sparks their natural love of learning and motivates reluctant students

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Susan Scott AACC

Welcome! I’m Susan Scott, Professional Certified Leadership coach, workshop facilitator and counselor. I’m the author and contributor to 6 books.

I believe a better understanding of our self and others, along with intentionally designing a life aligned with our strengths and values leads to greater fulfillment and opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

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Living Your Purpose
Living Your Purpose

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on UnsplashYour life is a reflection of the choices you make each and every day. If you choose to walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator, you are making a small daily choice which, over time, can make the difference between being fit...

Teaching to Personality Types

Tearing your hair out. Daily battles. Kids who “forget” what they learned yesterday. Home educating has challenges that can strain the patience of even the most saintly mother. When you are also trying to work, raise a toddler, get the laundry and shopping done, deal...

When Emotions Are Out of Control

The door slammed behind me as I stomped out the door, jumped into the car and drove away fuming. The same old argument with my husband with the same old results. The anger was so intense it felt like I simply could not stay in the same house with him without...

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