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The Real You is the Best You

I work with women in positions of leadership who are committed to their own growth and are passionate about aligning work and life with meaningful contribution.

“Women spend much of their lives fulling the roles and expectations put on them by others and losing themselves in the process. Coaching helps them discover who they really are, explore their gifts, and intentionally design a life that matters.”

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader


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Susan Scott AACC

Welcome! I’m Susan Scott, Professional Certified Leadership coach, workshop facilitator and counselor. I’m the author and contributor to 6 books.

I believe a better understanding of our self and others, along with intentionally designing a life aligned with our strengths and values leads to greater fulfillment and opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

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Living Your Purpose
Living Your Purpose

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on UnsplashYour life is a reflection of the choices you make each and every day. If you choose to walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator, you are making a small daily choice which, over time, can make the difference between being fit...

Personality Types

There are many different tests online to help you pinpoint your personality type, also known as temperament. Some have as many as sixteen different types. This kind of depth and complexity can be useful for understanding a lot about ourselves. It also infers there are...

Personality Type Mini Test

This is a short and simple personality test meant to give you a general idea of your style. One of the pitfalls to personality tests is the tendency to want an absolutely clear, complete picture of ourselves. This is not possible nor necessarily desirable. Who we are...

Peaceful Compassionate Personality

This personality is perfectly represented by Pooh Bear. Pooh is the heart of the Hundred Acre Woods, and for good reason. He loves everyone and they love him. He accepts others for who they are, rarely complains and just radiates good humor and gentle kindness. No...

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