Let’s conquer your content creation frustration

Which one sounds like you?

You’ve got a profitable business and a content plan.

You just need regular, high quality, targeted content that you can rely on.

In fact, you’ve probably already got a lot of content you worked hard on but you’re ready to let someone else add to it on a regular basis. You want to be free to spend more time doing the things you love.

Let me write for you!

Individual blog posts 700 to 1000 words (you provide the keywords)

Cost $153 each

Package of 4 blog posts max 1000 words each

Cost $587

Keyword Research

Cost $56/hour

You’re ready to grow by adding an eBook as a product or lead magnet

You’ve got an audience or clients and you want to share more of your expertise. Adding an eBook to your offerings is a great way to build a relationship with potential clients or use as a product for your coaching business! If you are ready to grow your list, let’s create an eBook to offer as a lead magnet.

Small eBook of less than 10,000 words
Cost $697.

Larger eBook or workbook up to 25,000 words
Cost $1200

You need an overhaul.

You’ve got a website and some ideas, maybe even some content, but it’s more like throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks than it is an actual content plan.

We can take what you have, fill in the gaps and create a cohesive content collection that draws in your target audience and converts them to raving fans.

Content audit with additional writing as needed

cost $156/hour

Content Coaching

Work with me to develop and implement a content creation strategy you can maintain on your own. We will do a complete content audit and you will learn my best time saving tactics to repurpose and upgrade existing content rather than continually starting from scratch. We’ll meet by Zoom call 3X a month for 45 minutes at a time plus I’m available to you anytime by my VIP’s only email account.

Minimum 3 month commitment

Only 3 coaching spots available per 90 day period

Cost $450/mo

$100 discount if paid in full, in advance.

Custom Work

Ghost writing your book
Custom packages
Non-profit discounts