What type of content do you create? I specialize in content packages: several products around one topic or product. This can mean all the content for a sales funnel, an eCourse with promotional material, curriculum for small group study, and social media posts and video scripts. 

What is your specialty? Professional and personal growth materials. Self help, mental health, how to understand yourself and others, employee development and more. I have a lot of experience creating workbooks, action guides and other supplemental materials. 

Can I put my name on the content you write? – Absolutely. When you hire me to write for you, I am writing your work, not my own. I strive to get to know you and your brand before I write the first word so I speak in “your” voice, not my own.  

What do you charge?see my services and rates here

Can you write my book for me? I would love to! Book writing services range from coaching you through your own writing process, or I can take your outline and turn it into a book, or based on several ongoing interviews with you, I will write your book for you.  

Do I own the rights to the material you create? Yes. You pay me to create content for you and you own the finished product. I waive all rights to the content and will not duplicate it anywhere else. 

Why not just hire someone cheaply on Fivver or Upwork? You can, by all means. Just know you get what you pay for. The majority of writers on those sites are not native English speakers, nor are they subject matter experts. You will get lesser quality work that typically needs extensive re-writes from someone who doesn’t care about you or your business. 

Are you the right writer for my needs? Maybe. Maybe not. With a background in counseling and coaching I know how to do an in-depth intake interview. Together we assess your needs, your expectations and timeline and decide if we are a good fit. If I’m not the person you need, I have a network of referrals I can give you so you get the best possible content. 

How can I tell a good freelancer from a bad one? 


  • People who write on any and every topic. It means they lack expertise in any area. They have to resort to finding information quickly on Google and simply copying the first thing they find in order to turn out content quickly enough to make a profit. 
  • Writers who don’t respond in a timely manner. If you have to keep chasing them, you will be forever chasing them to get the work done to your satisfaction
  • People who have no established writing experience (you have an established brand, you need high quality content to stand apart from the competition)
  • Writers who say you don’t need your content optimized for SEO or who don’t know how to do it.

Look for 

  • Professional writers with a proven portfolio of published work 
  • Someone who freelances as a business, not as a hobby
  • A writer who knows and can use good SEO techniques
  • A professional who is in business to make you look good. They take the time to get to know your business and your goals.
  • Someone with a social media presence so you can get a sense of their values, what they write about, and how they treat others in their comments.