About Me

Susan Scott AACC

Successful leaders shape their life intentionally instead of being shaped by life


Welcome! I’m Susan Scott, Professional Certified Leadership coach, workshop facilitator and counselor. I’m the author and contributor to 6 books. My passion is to help leaders intentionally design satisfying lives that make a meaningful impact.

A satisfying life starts with:

*Developing Emotional Intelligence for a better understanding of self and others

*Designing a life aligned with your strengths and values

I will work with you to uncover exactly what a satisfying life looks like for you and develop custom strategies to make that life a reality.


Successful leadership is measured by the quality of your relationships.

How do we cultivate those relationships?
What is our purpose, or “satisfying life”?
How do we get there?
How do we overcome the obstacles of our past?

With your dreams and potential plus professional coaching you can answer those questions and become the successful leader you want to be.

My 4 main philosophies
  • We are here for two reasons – relationship and impact
  • We have the God-given free will to change our lives by changing what we allow ourselves to think about and changing the choices we make
  • Every tension, dysfunction, or challenge you face which is not the direct result of a physical/organic problem, is an identity issue; ours or those of someone in our life.
  • Living in our true identity results in wholeness of body, mind and soul which leads to enriching relationships and meaningful impact.

If you’re ready to step into your true identity, let go of your past, enjoy deeper relationships and know for sure your life matters, start here