“I speak to thirsty hearts whose longings have been wakened by the touch of God within them.” A.W.Tozer

This website is for those who know and have been transformed by this inspired thought: God has created me in His image and for Himself. Of no other shall I seek.

God formed us for His pleasure so that He and we can enjoy blessed fellowship. Since the fall of Adam we have been torn away from that fellowship, uncovered and left bare, stripped of His presence. We feel that empty, lonely experience and long to return to the place of completion; divine relationship with the eternal God.

This is home for those who hear His voice, who seek a closer relationship with the Lord; Christians who long to recognize who God wants to be in their life and to uncover the equipping He has placed within us for His good will and purposes.

LifeWorks Ministries Online is an outgrowth of a long held dream. LifeWorks is the result of almost 20 years of Bible study and personal experience in the areas of who we are created to be and how we are equipped to fulfill our purpose. It has existed for many years in the form of articles, seminars and one on one teachings. This is the first time everything has come together in one resource.

Homeschooling led to years of study on different personality types, spiritual gifts, multiple intelligences, learning styles and some re-learning of advanced math that we’d prefer to forget. All of which (except maybe the math) will be shared here in the hopes that others will be edified, informed and equipped for their own unique journey.

After years of church and civic leadership, it has become abundantly clear that most Christians don’t feel equipped for or called to any special purpose. It is the mission of LifeWorks to help people step into their purpose and calling by:

  1. Sharing the truth of God’s Word about His will for our lives, who we are in Him, His promises and the blessings that come from living His way.
  2. Teaching about the temperaments (personality types), spiritual gifts, and other characteristics that have been embued to us by our Creator for the purpose of fulfilling our unique call.
  3. Providing the resources, assessment tests, planning and organizing tools, goal setting and mission statement builders and other tools needed for a successful journey.

LifeWorks is the “sweet spot” where Susan’s unique gifts, experiences, skills, aptitudes and personality come together for the purpose of helping others find their life’s “sweet spot.”

“I speak to those who will settle for nothing less than a restored relationship with the Creator. Those who know there is nothing of this world that will satisfy the deep desire of the heart except the presence of the Lord.”