I’m so excited you clicked on the “about” page. I love to talk about me 🙂  Scott family

I grew up in rural Vermont and as my hubby says, “you can always tell a Vermonter, (dramatic pause here…) you just can’t tell them much” and that pretty well sums up my independent, free-spirited nature. On a bad day some folks call that stubbornness.
It was that stubbornness along with an awesome husband and the grace of God that has brought me through some tough times. I’ve slogged through rejection, been pushed out of jobs, teetered on the brink of bankruptcy, wandered through the morass  of anxiety and wallowed in the pit of self doubt. I know physical activity is good for our health, but I sure don’t want to continue in those particular ones. I know you don’t either.  I’ve not only survived, but have grown and thrived through all that and more. The answer has always come when I take my eyes off myself and look to God.

I can be the experienced guide here to help others through those same journeys. I’ve spoken to thousands of attendees at online webinars, I’ve been the guest speaker at Sunday morning church services, I’ve led small groups, and one on one coaching sessions.

Despite all those activities, my favorite thing is to talk with you! Well, actually, my most
favorite thing is warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies, but you run a close second.

I am the resident encourager here at SusanScottOnline.com and the founder of LifeWorks
Ministries.  As a writer, relationship coach, and bible teacher, I see my job as helping you uncover the truth of God’s word and discover the freedom of living the life He created you to live. We were all created for a purpose and have the potential within us to fulfill that purpose. It is when that potential goes unused, when our life never quite gets on the right path, that we feel discontented and frustrated with ourselves, our lives, and the people around us.  Are you ready to get on your right path? Then you are in the right place!

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably interested in the personal stuff, so here it is:
I was married to my best friend in 1983 and we’ve been happily hitched ever since. We have two children, one of whom was homeschooled right through to high school graduation and is now a state certified EMT. The younger is still schooled at home and keeps me on my toes with his energy, corny jokes, and inquisitive nature. We live a very relaxed country life and on random days we can be found biking or skiing, hiking or kayaking with our faithful yellow lab Maggie frolicking at our side.