According to surveys, the top 3 things most Christians want are:Seeds of Truth

  • To know God better
  • To know His will
  • To live free of anxiety, worry and fear

The answer to all three of those desires is to allow the power of His word to work in our life.

Jesus tells the parable of the seed and the sower in Luke chapter 8. As the seed is dropped into rocky, resistant ground it is lost. Seed that is allowed to be choked by weeds is also lost. But seed that is planted in good ground, watered and nurtured, grows into fruitful plants.

Think about seeds for a moment. They contain the DNA of the original plant. A seed that is allowed to flourish will replicate the plant it came from.The seeds from God are His word, planted in our spirit.

If we want to be able to hear from God, to know Him better, to live a life free from emotional ups and downs, we must allow the seed of His word to flourish within us so His spirit is replicated in us. Just like a flower grows from a flower seed, the Spirit of God grows within us out of the seed of His word.

When His spirit is allowed to grow, His voice becomes clear, His will and plan becomes clear. We will know Him, and we will know Peace no matter what the circumstances of life.

Spend time in His word. Read and meditate on what it says and what it means. Even just one verse a day, read thoughtfully and considered throughout the course of the day, can bring peace, vision, clarity, hope and refreshing into your life.