We are all looking for the map that will guide us through this life. Life can be confusing, discouraging and just plain frustrating. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was some place we could turn to for all the answers? A tome filled with  wisdom and comfort that would have the perfect solutions, no matter what the situation? This search for higher guidance is a desire common to all of us. Just look at the self help section of the local bookstore. The shelves are full of worldly wisdom designed to tickle our ears and entice us with secrets. While we might find an encouraging word or two or an idea that seems like it might work, ultimately nothing ever changes.

Yet, there is always this knowing deep inside that keeps telling us “you were created for more than this; your life has a purpose”.  Are you hearing that call? Do you hope and pray that the call is real and not just another dead end? The truth found within the Bible will show how to fulfill the longing within us. God calls it the desires of our heart, and He promises to fulfill those desires if we will only follow Him. He knows what you are hoping for. He put those dreams and desires in you to begin with! He is faithful to complete what He started.

The Map section is all about God’s promises to us and lessons on living His way. He did create you for a purpose and He equipped you with everything you need to walk in that purpose. To learn more read on….. Reading The Map