What does an educational writer do?

As a freelance writer specializing in adult educational materials, I write authoritative, well-researched, science-based content to educate your clients, employees or readers. I help you, help them reach their potential. I can create eLearning modules, article series, eBooks, PDF workbooks, or app content. If you have a delivery portal, I can develop content for it.

Who makes a good educational writer?

  • You need someone who is well-versed in the science of cognitive motivation, understanding not only how people learn but what motivates new learning.
  • A professional educational writer understands the philosophy behind excellence in education and the theories of instructional design.
  • Successful educational materials inform and engage the learner whatever their level of understanding. You need a professional writer with significant experience in crafting well-honed content written for the specific needs of each audience.
  • Look for a writer who demonstrates excellent collaboration skills. Creating educational materials is a team effort, requiring subject matter experts, copywriters, graphic designers, project coordinators, and more. A writer who is adept at working as part of a team and meeting deadlines so others can complete their portion of the project is worth their weight in gold!

Who needs educational content?

An eLearning portal that needs highly technical how-to training for employees so they can do their jobs more effectively.

An executive coach who needs workbooks or online courses to help professionals reach their potential.

A small organization that doesn’t have in-house HR staff to do onboarding and basic skills training.

A life coach who wants to showcase their expertise in helping clients with life-transforming mindset skills but doesn’t have time to do all the writing and formatting of a great digital product.

Vocational Training environments. Help your adult learners succeed by providing educational material crafted to help them grasp new concepts and put those concepts into practice.  

How does it work?

We start with the basics of good instructional design. We work together to understand the needs and current level of knowledge of your target audience as well as the gaps in their knowledge. After assessing needs, we develop a comprehensive and detailed plan for delivery methods to present the information in a format best suited for your situation. We identify desired outcomes before tackling the problem of turning vague or too-technical information into engaging training materials that incite measurable change.

Let’s face it, I’m a geek. I love to do research and learn new subjects. I’m also very good at taking abstract information and turning it into practical, usable content that benefits the learner. I can assist in the entire project development process or simply take the outlines and storyboards you provide and turn them into whatever educational content you need.

Contact me here and let’s talk about what you need to maximize your learners growth and potential.