I read a number of Christian blogs and I’ve noticed an interesting trend. When issues such as evolution, abortion, same sex marriage, or hyper-sexed women’s fashions come up, anyone who expresses a strong biblical position is immediately hacked to death and insulted as “unloving” “intolerant” or just plain evil. We’ve decided that God, and His word are too strict and too irrelevant in today’s culture so we reinterpret scripture to fit the new mold.

Yet, on those same blogs, women cry out about being haunted by worry, overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. They are hurting, lonely and insecure. They ask over and over “where is God?” “He doesn’t seem real to me” “I just feel like He doesn’t care.” It breaks my heart and is in fact the very reason I am currently finishing up a degree in biblical counseling. I want to help them find some answers, some hope and some healing.

But I have to ask – if we’ve pushed God out of every aspect of daily life, is it any wonder we can’t find Him when daily life overwhelms us?