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Exciting News but It Won’t Last!

Hi (first name)

I’ve been quiet the last few weeks because I’ve been working behind the scenes on an exciting new project at and I want to share it with my friends.

Do you want to make some changes to your life this year?

  • Maybe lose some weight?
  • Restore a relationship?
  • Become more organized and productive?
  • Overcome some emotional baggage?
  • Leave past failures behind and move into a life of meaning?

It is possible! True and lasting changes can happen when you start by getting fit. Spiritually fit that is. Changes that last, changes that impact your life and the life of those around you can only happen with a foundation of spiritual fitness. As Pastor Rick Warren says “Change the way you think and you can change your world.” Getting Spiritually Fit changes the way we think, the way we view our lives, and our own potential.

check it out here: 7 Steps to Spiritual Fitness  – (you must be logged in to Facebook to see the page) If you don’t have a Facebook account, don’t despair! Keep reading…

As part of a new library of resources for effective Christian living called Unlocking Your Divine Design, I’ve created an eClass called 7 Steps to Spiritual Fitness and I want to give you a free sneak peek!

Actually, it is more than a peek – for limited time you can have access to the full class:

  • A core curriculum eBook – 7 Steps to Spiritual Fitness
  • 8 weeks of lessons delivered directly to your email box
  • Bonus audios to download and listen to at your convenience
  • and… a special surprise gift coming your way on week 7

This is completely free to you, no cost, no obligation.  Why would I offer a complete eClass for nothing? It’s simple – I am testing this model of learning to see if it is useful and effective.

This is a great win/win situation for everyone!

If you haven’t started on your new year’s resolutions this year, or maybe you didn’t even bother to set them, now’s the time to set a goal for life changing Spiritual Fitness.

How do you join? Simple, go to our Facebook group page Unlocking Your Divine Design and sign up for the course. If you don’t see the sign-up box, look for the “free spiritual fitness course” link on the left side bar.

No Facebook account? No problem! Simply respond to this email and ask me to sign you up for the free eClass.

Let’s get Fit together!

Susan Scott AACC