This is your chance to learn directly from me and gain the tools to design your ideal home business

Dear Friend,

I’m done. I’ve had it. I’m so over the whole thing.

The hype, the promises, the endless emails offering pretty shiny things all guaranteed to help me prosper in my own business.

It feels like there is always just one more thing to buy or learn before you can go after your dream.

When I wanted to move my business online. I knew what I wanted to do, but first I needed to learn some basic website building skills. I took a course in website design and along the way I was introduced to literally dozens of internet marketing programs:

Learn SEO in 5 EASY Steps!

Copywriting Secrets of the Stars!

Discover Affiliate Riches!

Conquer Google Ads!

Facebook Marketing for Fun and Profit !

Build a List, Build a Fortune!

I’m so confused!

Pulled off track.

Chasing too many ideas.

Spending more money on those e-courses then I care to admit and eventually my head was swimming with the possibilities.

I lost sight of my original goal in favor of chasing new business niches promoted by the “experts”. I followed their systems and dabbled in their methods but every new product, every hot opportunity, grabbed my attention and scattered my focus.

Months of wasted time but got nowhere. (translation: I made no money!)

One day I was blessed to come across a mentor who counseled me to get back to the real desire of my heart. She gave me the courage to pursue my business as part of my God-given purpose.

I want to give you that same gift.

I spent some time really thinking about what I had to offer, my skills and experience and the dreams hidden deep in my heart. I
took the plunge and shelved those great, and expensive, internet marketing programs, shut down my old websites and committed to doing the thing I knew I was meant to do. I set myself a goal to do 3 speaking engagements and to produce a series of ebooks in the next year.

Guess what?
I hit those goals! Not in 12 months, not in 6 months, but in 3 months!

 By following my mentor’s advice and the wisdom of dozens of successful entrepreneurs, I was able to do far and beyond anything I could have believed in less time than I ever imagined. At the same time I was volunteering in my church, homeschooling my children and dealing with technical challenges!

You may not get excited about speaking in front of large crowds like I do, but you can achieve YOUR dreams.

I harnessed the power of Living Your Purpose, and you can too…

You can put that same power to work for you in your business. Build your life and your business on the unique and extraordinary purpose you were created for. That purpose is found in the deep desire of your heart.

  • It is the vision put inside you before you were born
  • It’s the calling you’ve been equipped to fulfill
  • It will be a perfect fit for your lifestyle, your desires and your needs

In my newest (and bestselling to date!) ebook,  

Designing Your Best Year Ever,

I introduce the D*O*E*R* system, a 4 part success pattern used by myself and by everyone who has achieved a fulfilling, meaningful, life.

Putting these 4 simple steps into practice will be the foundation for building your business and achieving your desires.

These steps are not mystical “secrets” or new age hype. They are practical habits every successful entrepreneur follows.

This isn’t complicated.

It won’t take weeks to master.

I’ve broken everything down into a unique program I call the D*O*E*R* System


Find and release your unstoppable motivation


Set the goals for the outcome you desire


Discover how you are uniquely prepared to do what you are called to do


Implementation and action steps to get you where you want to go

Does this system work?

One of my goals was to hit the first page of Google search results for my own name. Since Susan Scott is a relatively common name and I was up against people who have been online a lot longer than I, it seemed like a pretty far-fetched goal.

Following the D*O*E*R* system and sticking to my priorities, I hit my goal – in
less than 3 weeks!

What Can the D*O*E*R* system DO for YOU?

Remember I said I was looking for AMBITIOUS stay at home moms? If you are willing to put in the work, this system can give you the lifestyle and freedom you desire.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.

This is not a done-for-you program.

This is a business success planning program for people who want to design a business that fits their life. It will take some thought, some time and some work to lay the kind of solid foundation you need to build a profitable and sustainable, legitimate, business.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have the tools and the foundation to create a real business.

You will learn how to:

1 )Identify the right business for you

2) Find your focus and the mojo to keep you moving forward in the face of

3) Learn to set meaningful goals that really identify what is most important to

4) Provide success tips and tricks from some of today’s top success experts

5) Uncover your natural strengths, gifts and skills meant for you to use in
achieving your dreams

6) Discover the key to successful associations – learn where to find the right

Put your life and your business on the right track this week. Don’t wait for a more convenient time or the “perfect” opportunity. Legendary coach John Wooden said:

“When opportunity arises, it is too late to prepare.”

Start preparing NOW. Learn the habits and lay the groundwork to Designing Your Best Year Ever

In this new ebook you will learn…

How to uncover your deep “why” –

Your why is the God-given desire, deep in your heart, meant to guide you to a life of significance and meaning, the life YOU were created to live, the life that allows you to use your unique gifts, talents and passions. Starting your journey by finding that “why” will give you the fuel to keep your business going when things get tough and the motivation to avoid distractions while staying on the right course.

Take that “why” and turn it into action –

Lot’s of people will teach you how to set goals, Designing Your Best Year Ever, helps you set meaningful, compelling goals that reflect your inner values and desires, goals that will make a difference in your life and the success of your business!

Recognize and appreciate your unique strengths, gifts and talents –

Designing  Your Best Year Ever will teach you about your inborn personality strengths, which, when combined with your individual life experiences and your incomparable “why” will combine to help you achieve your dreams.

Prepare to take action –

Finding your motivation, setting your goals and knowing your strengths is vital but without action it is not going to get you anywhere. Once you learn the secrets to taking those goals and turning them into actionable steps AND narrowing your focus down to getting your priorities done each day, you will begin the journey toward the success you’ve always known you can have.

The Goodies

If you’ve ever ordered an online digital product before, you know they often come with bonus freebies. Often those freebies are unrelated reports, writen by a non-english speaking person, and they promote yet another product.

I don’t go for that. It is a cheap marketing trick to make you think you are getting more for your money and I don’t believe in cheap tricks. (although I did like the band….You’ll have to google it )

I am providing 3 extra products that I spent dozens of hours carefully writing myself, specifically to make Designing Your Best Life Ever even more useful for YOU.

I want you to not just like this ebook, but to LOVE it.

I want to move you from just playing at a home hobby business to having a REAL business that releases the purpose YOU were meant to fulfill in this world. These products are not available anywhere else, they are not for just anyone. These are valuable and useful tools that will help you set the stage for Designing Your Best Year Ever.

However, these bonus materials are not available forever! This is a special offer limited to this week only.
Order this week and receive these free bonus downloads to get you started on the right foot:

1) Simple, uncomplicated Life and Business Planning forms –
tons of practical, easy to use pages, designed to guide you through
uncovering your personal purpose, assessing your life gifts, and
setting powerful goals.
Extra free bonus included: Business Plan of Action template for easy,
fill-in-the blanks business planning

2)Access to a free, proprietary personality test created just for this  system  – and it includes one of the most unique, easily understandable, overviews of personality types available on the internet today, written by me especially for YOU!

3) Custom, beautiful, Day Planner forms you can print out and use

You are about to enter a new phase of your life.

A time when finally,


you are going to reach those goals you’ve been dreaming about
and talking about. You’ve tried over and over again but haven’t quite
been able to get to where you want to be. But, I know you can do it! I
am absolutely sure you can.

I will guarantee, if after reading and implementing the Ideas in this book, you don’t see new changes, new hope, new improvements in your life, just let me know and I will refund your purchase price.

You have 30 days to try out the ideas in this book, risk free. I have a no-hassles, immediate,  money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied that the information in this ebook can propel you to the next level in your life and in your business, contact me and I will buy it back from you, guaranteed.

This ebook is available for immediate download no matter what day it is or what time zone you are in. Simply click the link below and complete the order process. You will be brought to a page where you can fill in your name and email address so I can send you the download link right away.

Designing Your Best Year Ever $14.97

This is the best deal in success basics you will find anywhere. Decades of research, years of business experience and the distilled
wisdom of leading success experts has gone into this jam- packed, no fluff, resource.

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