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    “Every issue that is not caused by a physical or chemical disorder is an identity issue.”

    Who am I and why does it matter?

    In this keynote speech Susan makes the case for identity. What it is, how it is formed and it’s monumental impact on how we see ourselves, our world, and other people. Our identity forms both the filter through which we evaluate the events of our life and it determines how we respond to those events. To make significant, lasting changes in the life we experience and the impact we have, we have to change what we believe to be true about ourselves and our world.


     There is mounting evidence for the incidence of high emotional intelligence (EQ) among top performing leaders. Managers and key leaders with access to EQ development resources consistently earn higher than average income, experience less staff turnover, have greater employee engagement, fewer personality conflicts and higher performance/profitability.

    Certified by  Six Seconds, the leader in EQ training, Susan brings this interactive workshop to corporations and non profit organizations who are committed to developing high EQ leaders with the creativity, influence, and decision making capabilities to propel their initiatives forward.

    We will discuss:

    What is Emotional Intelligence? Can it be developed or is it fixed, like IQ?

    What kind of work culture supports and encourages high EQ skills?

    What does it look like in real world situations?

    How can we do better?


     Developing an engaged work force is more critical than ever. Low morale, high turnover, personality conflicts and lack of motivation permeate many work environments resulting in lackluster performance and decreased effectiveness. Today’s employees want more than just a paycheck. They want to make a difference, to be part of something important, and to work in collaboration with others who share their passions and values. Does that define your workplace?

    In this workshop Susan facilitates group discussion and assessment of the 3 key areas every organization needs to maximize in order to create a high performing team. By the end of this 90 minute workshop you will have 3 to 5 clearly identified and agreed upon areas for growth. Susan’s focus in this workshop is on creating common ground for better communication and empowering your staff to take ownership of their roles in contributing to a great team.

    Why are people difficult? Why do they think differently than I do?

    If you have ever experienced conflict with a co-worker who is different from you, this workshop will help you understand the differences and equip you to work more effectively as a team.

    There are many versions of personality assessments, most of which are complicated and put people into a one-size fits all box. Susan has developed a simple, easy to understand, easy to impliment explanation of 4 main personality types and variations within each that allows for the layers of complexity which make each of us unique individuals.

    By the end of this fun and engaging 90 minute workshop your staff will have a working knowledge of different personality types, their strengths and weaknesses, and their unique motivations. Having a common language for understanding each other is vital to deeper understanding, compassion and collaboration.

    You do have strengths and gifts! Every single person has them. We don’t always recognize ourselves as gifted since the abilities related to our giftedness come so easily to us. It’s hard to imagine other people don’t have the same abilities.

    When we operate in our gifts, we are living in a “sweet spot” where personal satisfaction, optimal effectiveness, and meaningful impact meet.

    Specifically developed for churches, this workshop is not a lecture, it is a hands-on working session. Each person will leave with a completed personal assessment outlining their unique gifts and an action plan for putting those gifts to work.


    “Emotions are not an enemy to vanquish, they are simply messengers sent to give us vital information about the state of our mental health. Don’t shoot the messenger!”

    The modern day epidemic, anxiety related disorders are costing us our health, our relationships, and our joy. We’ve learned to fight the emotion instead of heeding the vital information it is trying to bring us. Ignore the message and the emotion only gets more persistent, demanding to be heard.

    Conquering anxiety is possible when you are willing to listen to the message it is bringing.

    Most approaches are one-sided, focused on medication or improving physical wellness. In fact, anxiety is a complex, multi-faceted issue which calls for a whole self approach – mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.

    This session is designed for Christian women of all ages and roles in life who are struggling with anxiety and panic disorders. We will discuss:

    • The power we do have over anxiety even when it feels out of control.
    • The physiology of anxiety attacks: the physical feelings which create a downward spiral and how to stop the cycle
    • How to stop fighting the messenger and deal with the underlying message instead.
    • Questioning and rewiring our thinking to help eliminate anxiety inducing thoughts

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