What if?

What if, what some professionals label ADHD, was really a different learning style?

What if what the teacher calls a stubborn refusal to toe the line in class was really a unique ability to see and ask about things no one else noticed?

What if what the guidance counselor sees as rebelliousness was the self defense mechanism of a sensitive compassionate heart?

What if it’s not a matter of whose perception is correct?

What if, instead, we did what was best for the child in question?

What if this active, creative child could forgo having to sit in stuffy classrooms and instead was allowed to learn in a hands-on interest directed classroom?

What if instead of having to struggle to write out the answers to his test questions, he could answer orally?

What if his curiosity was encouraged instead of stifled?

What if, because he was never medicated, never told he was disabled, defective, or dysfunctional, he went on to run his own business leading wilderness expeditions or building homes for disabled veterans, or a thousand other occupations that don’t require a cubicle and an worker drone mentality?

Just wondering.


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  1. It’s really all about perspective isn’t it. Here is another question, since I have been going down this road some. What if it is as easy as a vision problem and trip to the eye doctor (pediatric/vision specialist).

  2. Good point, Susan. We too are in the process of vision evaluation. For younger kids especially, they may not even realize they are not seeing the world “funny”. But it certainly would cause some difficulties in school work and frustration for them. I can only hope parents are looking at all possibilities before jumping on the ADHD bandwagon.

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