Flower Gardens


Defeat Distractions and Frustration, Guaranteed

A lot of things drive us nuts, frustrate us, or are just plain unfair. We deal with these kinds of situations, big and small, every day. Someone cuts us off in traffic and we carry a grudge all day long, telling everyone who will listen what a lousy driver that person was. Plans go awry […]


Fruit wisdom

Just because it makes me smile: Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is really a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad


Finding God among the dirty dishes

Fairly regularly I’ve heard people preach on doing even mundane tasks to the glory of God. They quote from 1 Corinthians 10:31 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” It has always left me with the impression there must be some way to work […]





Do You Feel Like a Failure?

My sweet friend wrote to me and confessed she feels she is failing at every aspect of her life. How often we all feel that way! There are days when our life feels wasted and fruitless, we fail to live up to our own expectations. In truth, nothing I do in and of my self […]


The secret to Overcoming Emotional Ups and Downs

I was reading Lysa TerKeurst’s wonderful blog and came across this about her husband: “Three weeks out of the month he loves me and loves to do whatever he can to help me do ministry. One week out of the month he simply puts up with me and my bout with the Princess Must Scream […]


Exceptional Life – Simplified

I was reading Michael Hyatt’s exceptional blog recently. The post was on 10 mistakes leaders should avoid. He had great insights, based on his own years as a leader in business. He listed things like avoiding pride, always do business with integrity, choose your advisers carefully, and live according to your values. All great advice. […]


Diligent workers

“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of Truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15 God calls us to be diligent workers. The responsibility is on us to work well for His kingdom. Those who are called to leadership, whether it is in […]


Seeds of Truth

According to surveys, the top 3 things most Christians want are: To know God better To know His will To live free of anxiety, worry and fear The answer to all three of those desires is to allow the power of His word to work in our life. Jesus tells the parable of the seed […]