Spiritual Gifts

You have been given a gift. A spiritual gift (or two) from your creator. All Christians have been given gifts from God for the purpose of fulfilling His call on their life. It is my hope that this article will help you to see the abilities that you have as true gifts, meant for carrying […]


Spiritual Gift of Exhortation

To exhort means to encourage, to speak truth urging the listener to take action. Exhorters are talkers! They are also incurable optimists. Exhorters don’t see difficulties, they ignore them. This can make them seem naïve or pollyannah-ish. They want to encourage everyone to be their best and can see the potential in people. Both their […]


Spiritual Gift of Compassion

Compassionate people are another of the serving gifts.These are people persons, quieter and less outgoing than those with a speaking gift of perceiver, teacher or administrator. The gift of compassion includes an almost supernatural sensitivity to the emotions of others. These people get upset when a baby bird falls out of its nest and is […]


The Path to an Exceptional Christian Life

Are you walking the Path you are meant to walk? If you answered yes, congratulations, you are among the minority. You are in the right place to help you further on your journey. If you answered “no” or ” I don’t know”, you are in the right place, too, because within this site you will […]


Can I Do It?

This has been a busy few weeks. My dream is to start my own business. I know I have been blessed with a certain amount of creativity and writing ability. I long to utilize what I’ve been given, but getting started and staying focused is tough. Starting an online business is not hard to do, […]


What if?

What if, what some professionals label ADHD, was really a different learning style? What if what the teacher calls a stubborn refusal to toe the line in class was really a unique ability to see and ask about things no one else noticed?