Faith at Work: Do You Support World Vision’s Stand on Hiring Homosexuals?

Recently World Vision announced they would be changing their policy and would hire homosexuals in monogamous relationships. Two days later they reversed that decision based presumably on the massive number of messages they received from donors cancelling their support. Not surprisingly comments have been flying all over the internet both for and against this decision, […]


How to Communicate with Anybody

Have you ever had difficulty communicating with someone? It is human nature to assume everyone thinks like we do. Understanding different personality types gives us a glimpse into the ways different personalities see situations and helps us communicate on their frequency. Let’s look more closely at what drives each personality and how to communicate effectively […]


3 Simple Truths that Can Revitalize Your Relationships

There are three main components to an exceptional relationship: expectations, trust, and communication. Understanding the personality type of your family, friends and co-workers will help you in all three areas. Expectations Everyone comes into a relationship, whether it is romantic, social, or work related, with certain expectations. We base those expectations on what is important […]


How to Get along with Anybody

Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. That’s the golden rule for getting along we’ve been taught since childhood. And it’s a good rule to follow; treat others the way you want them to treat you in return. Here’s a news flash though, not everyone wants to be treated like you or […]


Mean People

I do not deal well with mean people. I simply can not understand why people have to be self righteous and mean to others. Maybe I’m naive and just expect normal people to be civil. What is the point, or even the benefit, to spewing hateful words onto someone else?