7 Steps to Spiritual Fitness

7 Simple Steps to the Change You Want! From the Desk of: Susan Scott Subject: The Key to an Extraordinary Life What would your life be like if you knew you were living out God’s will and plan every day? I know what life is like when you are not in His will. Days are […]


The Map to an Exceptional Christian Life

The Map is book 1 and the foundational book in our LifeWorks series. Life Works the way it was intended to when we make the Bible our guide book. By learning its promises, listening to its truth and living by its instructions, we will be equipped to overcome the obstacles along our journey. Life Works […]


The Path to an Exceptional Christian Life

Book 2 of LifeWorks is The Path, or our Life’s Work. What path are we meant to take? How can we know what it is? If our Map is the piece that brings us understanding, The Path is where we uncover what is exceptional about us as individuals. We start the process by looking at […]


The Tools for an Exceptional Christian Life

Book 1 in this series introduced our guide book, The Map, to shows us the way. Book 2 gives instructions for finding our unique Path. In this book, we’re going to utilize some tools that will make our journey easier. Book 3 is The Tools, where the rubber meets the road, our Life’s Work. What […]


Discovering Temperaments Audio Mp3

Our temperament is foundational to how we think, act, behave, and view the world. Understanding our temperament, its strengths and weaknesses, will empower us to begin releasing the potential created within us. It will give us a revelation of why we are different from others and why that difference is a gift to be valued. […]


The Map, The Path, and The Tools for an Exceptional Christian Life ~ Bundle

The Map to an Exceptional Christian Life I don’t know why I am here. My life doesn’t seem to have any purpose. I don’t have any special abilities, passions, gifts or interests. I Just Don’t Know Where I’m Going! Have you ever felt this way? Most of us have, at one time or another.  We […]