How to Communicate with Anybody

Have you ever had difficulty communicating with someone? It is human nature to assume everyone thinks like we do. Understanding different personality types gives us a glimpse into the ways different personalities see situations and helps us communicate on their frequency. Let’s look more closely at what drives each personality and how to communicate effectively […]


3 Simple Truths that Can Revitalize Your Relationships

There are three main components to an exceptional relationship: expectations, trust, and communication. Understanding the personality type of your family, friends and co-workers will help you in all three areas. Expectations Everyone comes into a relationship, whether it is romantic, social, or work related, with certain expectations. We base those expectations on what is important […]


Types of Personalities in Brief

This description adapted from “Personality Plus” by Florence Littauer Sanguine “Cheerleaders” Strengths Appealing Personality Talkative Storyteller Life of the Party Funny Loves color Hugger Cheerful Bubbly Actor Innocent Changeable Flashy Loves People Life is exciting Weaknesses Distractable Unorganized Interrupts Irresponsible Too Talkative Brassy Self-centered Choleric“Coaches“ Strengths Leader Bold Decisive Productive Risk Taker Independent Self Motivated […]


Understanding Personality Types

There are many different tests online to help you pinpoint your personality type. Some have as many as sixteen different types. This kind of depth and complexity can be useful for understanding a lot about ourselves.


Free Personality Types Mini Test

This is a short and simple personality test meant to give you a general idea of your style. One of the pitfalls to personality tests is the tendency to want an absolutely clear, complete picture of ourselves. This is not possible nor necessarily desirable. Who we are at work and how we respond to situations […]


What if?

What if, what some professionals label ADHD, was really a different learning style? What if what the teacher calls a stubborn refusal to toe the line in class was really a unique ability to see and ask about things no one else noticed?