Motivating Your Reluctant Learner


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Understanding your child’s personality gives you a window into their needs, motivations, strengths and weaknesses. Armed with insights into what motivates your unique child, you can create a home education environment to nurture their highest potential without buying more curriculum

How Do I Get Started?

A successful home education is built, much like a house is built. You start with a blueprint and a foundation. Unfortunately the typical advice is to start by looking over your curriculum options and picking the one you think will work.

That’s a lot like picking out the kitchen sink before you’ve even designed the kitchen. How do you know what will fit, what color and style will work, if you don’t know the floorplan?

A few hours spent identifying your needs and goals for your children will lay the foundation. Click here to get started on your blueprint.

 How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

Today’s educational options provide so much variety, it’s like a buffet. You can pick and choose what is going to work best for your unique family needs.

Homeschooling is not for everyone, there are situations and seasons where it is not the best option. But what if it IS an option? How do we choose?

Here is a simple, clear formula for thinking through what is best for your family.



    Where is the balance between raising cooperative, well behaved children without being an overbearing, harsh or controlling parent?

    How can you overcome your own doubts, fears or bad upbringing and do better with your children?

    Becoming a more confident mom



    When it comes to choosing curriculum, it is a jungle out there. Choosing curriculum for homeschooling doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful, once you know exactly where you want to go and how you want to get there.

    4 Easy Steps to the Perfect Curriculum

    The secret key to understanding what motivates people. Know their personality and you know how to improve communication, cooperation, and decrease conflicts.

    A simple, easy to remember, and use system of personality types is here

    Here is a whole host of resources to help you at any stage of your homeschooling journey.

    Keep checking back as new goodies are added all the time.

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    We spend so much time sacrificing for our family we often forget that in order to give our best, we have to be our best.

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    A solid marriage is the best gift you can give your children.

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    All the tools and tips you need to tame the chaos, find balance, and focus on what really matters.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Finding the right curriculum is easy when you know what you are looking for. It starts with the child, their strengths and potential, combined with figuring out what will work best for your unique lifestyle.

    Here are the first 4 simple steps

    If you are a list maker and a rule keeper like I am, you likely suffer from the same problem I had – trying to keep everything in order and on track based on my expectations and my schedule as a means to feel a sense of security and control over my world. I’ve learned the secret to conquering overwhelm is to let go of needing to control the outcome of every situation. Click here for 10 ways to help you do just that:

    Click here to read my advice to Carla, a mom who was worried homeschooling was sufficient to keep her son on track with public school kids

    Children are natural born learners. When the material and the methods line up with their unique way of learning, they will be engaged and enthusiastic.

    Not all children learn well using traditional text books and tests. Just because that is the way schools teach doesn’t mean it’s the best way for every child.

    Discover your child’s unique gifts and you’ll uncover the key to teaching in a way that excites and energizes them.

    You need a free, custom, DIY planner system you can adjust to meet your specific needs. You can find it here.

    To put it briefly, the answer is: trying to recreate public school at home. Public school is structured to run as many kids as possible through a factory like system. It does not work at home. Start by exploring the needs, motivations, skills and strengths of your child so you can create an educational atmosphere that will help them shine. Click here for a free ebook to get you started.

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    Susan Scott is a counselor and professional leadership coach specializing in helping women tame the emotional chaos in life to uncover the truth of who you really are and live as the Real You. She is an expert in cognitive motivation (a fancy term for knowing what makes people tick!) an author, speaker and veteran homeschool mom. Susan has written 3 books and is a featured writer for Practical Homeschooling Magazine.

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