Your Life Has Meaning. Find it Now

The problem is most of us don’t even know how to define a meaningful life, so how do we find one? Other people seem to have them: famous authors and athletes, humanitarians, missionaries, philanthropists, the homeschool mom of 6 who works the family ranch, runs a business and still finds time to write novels and […]


The Ultimate Comeback to Get Rid of Critics Once and For all.

If I believe something to be absolutely, indisputably true, then no matter what anyone else says about it, I am not affected. People can criticize homeschooling all they want. It won’t bother me, it won’t put me on the defensive, it won’t get a rise of emotion out of me because I know that I […]


Why Doesn’t God Give Us What We Want?

I recently had some deep dental cleaning done. The dentist warned me to eat a good meal before the appointment because I wouldn’t be able to afterward and he said to take aspirin every 4 hours after the appointment to stave off the inevitable pain. I took pain reliever beforehand but that was it. In […]


Is the whole bible still true?

The other day I read a blog post by a Christian lady who has decided the only way to know for sure what parts of the bible are still true and which are not for us today is to simply leave it up to whatever the church says. Her reasoning is that God divinely inspires […]


12 Tips for Finding Joy

1 – God loves you. Yes, you. Personally, unconditionally and with unbridled delight. No matter what you did or didn’t do in the past. No matter what you do today, or don’t get done tomorrow. He knows all about it and He still love you. The real you. 2 – You are hereby released from […]


God’s comfort

The Lord is good. At all times. He cannot be anything less than good because it is not just something He does, or an attitude He has adopted. He IS good; just as you are male or female. It is something you are, not a role you play or a job you do. In the […]


Faith at Work: Do You Support World Vision’s Stand on Hiring Homosexuals?

Recently World Vision announced they would be changing their policy and would hire homosexuals in monogamous relationships. Two days later they reversed that decision based presumably on the massive number of messages they received from donors cancelling their support. Not surprisingly comments have been flying all over the internet both for and against this decision, […]


Finding God

God created each one of us and He wants us to know Him. To know Him as our provider, our comforter, our solid foundation, our protector, our friend, and our Abba Father. If you do not know God, or if you aren’t sure but you long to know Him better, please click on the link […]


The Great Beauty Hoax. Popular magazines have lied to you and crushed your self-esteem

Recently the winner of the reality TV show The Biggest Loser was soundly criticized for losing too much weight. She lost almost 60% of her starting body weight in her drive to win. It’s ironic that she looked no thinner than many of today’s movie stars who walked the red carpet at the Oscars just […]


When God doesn’t answer prayers

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that when God answers prayers sometimes He says yes, sometimes no and sometimes the answer is “not now” But we’ve missed the most common answer of all. Often when we pray, God’s response is “come to me.” “But God” we whine, “that’s not an answer!” Yet it is the […]