3 Simple Truths that Can Revitalize Your Relationships

There are three main components to an exceptional relationship: expectations, trust, and communication. Understanding the personality type of your family, friends and co-workers will help you in all three areas. Expectations Everyone comes into a relationship, whether it is romantic, social, or work related, with certain expectations. We base those expectations on what is important […]


The Monster Stealing Your Confidence

Does advertising undermine our confidence and keep us from pursuing our life purpose? This is an idea I’m toying with. Ads are targeted at our weaknesses. The advertisers know if they can push our emotional buttons and connect with where we feel insecure or lacking we will buy their product to solve that problem. But […]


Defeat Distractions and Frustration, Guaranteed

A lot of things drive us nuts, frustrate us, or are just plain unfair. We deal with these kinds of situations, big and small, every day. Someone cuts us off in traffic and we carry a grudge all day long, telling everyone who will listen what a lousy driver that person was. Plans go awry […]


The Map

We are all looking for the map that will guide us through this life. Life can be confusing, discouraging and just plain frustrating. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was some place we could turn to for all the answers? A tome filled with  wisdom and comfort that would have the perfect solutions, no matter […]


Be A Hero

I found this ad just the other day and I love it! We have so many goof ups, mistakes, challenges and failings in our past that continually bump around in our head trying to distract us from moving ahead. Stephen Covey first conveyed this thought – our power lies in our ability to chose our […]


You Can Have What You Want

Whatever you believe you can achieve. That phrase gets tossed out a lot, especially in conferences and rallys for business. We hear it so much, we tend to respond with “yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that before.” The good news is, it’s true. There is no “secret”, no “law of attraction” it is a simple truth […]